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NYCARES is a program sponsored by the New York Conference Women's Ministries Department under the General Conference and North American Division enditnow initiative; and the Southern Adventist University Abuse First Responder Certification Program. 

The purpose of NYCARES is three-fold:

1.) Promote a consistent, supportive, and healthy response to allegations of abuse in line with the General Conference, North American Division, and Adventist Risk Management (ARM) protocol/guidelines.

2.) Provide education, training, resource development assistance, and guidance to district abuse response representatives and lay people desiring to become NYCARES team liaisons.

3.) Advocate open constructive dialog between conference and local churches concerning issues of abuse awareness, prevention, and needs.

The NYCARES team consists of lay people educated in the areas of human and health services; and familiar with issues regarding abuse -domestic violence, child abuse, physical, emotional, verbal, sexual abuse, economic, neglect, Internet, human trafficking, and spiritual abuse. 


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