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Local Church Child Safety Protocol

When talking about abuse in any form, it is important for us to understand that this topic is relevant both in and outside the church. Statistics show that the rates of abuse are approximately equal in both areas (SDA Abuse Response Study)

NYCARES has been established to ensure that correct, consistent, useful information is made available to churches, and to support and assist in the development of local resource networks which will provide lay people with the needed tools to respond in an appropriate, supportive, and loving manner to those affected by abuse.

The following resources are produced by and can be found on the Adventist Risk Management site. Clicking a button will take you to printable documents of these resources. For documents in other languages visit the ARM Website.

Predator at the door Video

What does a child predator look like

(click picture to view video)

The Hideout film Video

A young girl's life is thrown upside down when she is taken advantage of by her favorite teacher. Through the support of her best friend, she finds the strength to tell her mother. 
Video Director Credit: Daniel Wahlen

(click picture to view video)

Implementation Resources                                                                 
These resources are to assist you in implementing a child safety plan in your local church. Consult with local conference officials for questions and concerns. 
Child Protection Resources                                                                                                                  Additional information and forms to use with your child protection program. 
Reference Resources                                                                                                                                    Additional helpful  information to use with your child protection program. 
Additional Resources                                                                                                                                  The following resources are available on the Adventist Risk Management website: 


 * Supervision Webinar

 * Best Practices In Supervision of Children And Youth


Solutions Articles

*Child Protection - We Are Accountable 
*When A Predator Attacks - Finding Healing Following Abuse 
*Intersections in the Lives of Children - Preventing Child Sex Abuse
                How to Handle Child-on-Child Abuse Cases the Right Way 

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