Seminars & Workshops

Below are just some of the workshops we offer. If you have a particular subject or theme you would like us to develop and present, please contact us with information. 

A New Identity

Rewriting the negative scripts we believe about our identity and worth.

WM Leadership Certification

Equipping women to be effective, trained leaders.

Bookends: Generational Mentoring

Mentoring is less of a process and more of an intentional willingness to nurture authentic relationships.

Starting a Peer-Led Support Group

Support groups can be a powerful tool for those walking through difficult circumstances.

The Trauma-Informed Church

No church should be turning a blind eye to the very real threat and impact that abuse has in the church and community.

Abuse First Responder Training

Helping churches take a proactive preparedness in meeting needs of those impacted by abuse.

EnditNow Emphasis Day

A day to raise awareness of issues around abuse; and prevention.

Women's International Day of Prayer

A day of prayer, connection, and ministry.

Prayer: An Invitation to Relationship

Prayer is so much more than a one-sided request to God!

Behold, Become

By beholding, we become changed. What are you becoming? What have you become?

Women's Ministries Emphasis Day

A day to highlight Women's Ministries.

Bench Ministries

Creating intentional, authentic, safe space for relationships and connection.

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