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A Letter From God

The One True God-Yehovah- is my companion and friend and shepherd.

Dear friend,

Grab hold of Hope...the confident expectation that all of your needs will be provided for. Rest comfortably next to me. Trust that i am leading you with utmost care. I desire you to be refreshed and relaxed, quiet and still in my presence.

Oh how I want to return you to the condition I always intended for you! It is my desire to restore your soul, self, life,  mind,  desire, emotion, and passion. 

Come, let me show you a new and better path than the one you have been on! This path will reveal my righteousness and justice. My Name and Reputation are revealed on this path. 

Even when you travel through the deepest sorrow and loss and not fear.

There is no doubt about who I am and Whose you are! Psalm 23

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