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One of the issues of concern that Women's Ministries focuses on is educational and leadership opportunities

Leadership takes many roles in a faith-based community. Department heads, ministry leaders, committee chairs, elders, Board members... all include leadership responsibilities.
of women. If you are a  women's ministries leader in your church, please contact us so that we can send you the New York Conference Women's Ministries Leader Manual along with other resources.  For a more formal training approach, we offer Leadership Certification Levels 1-4.

Women's Ministries seeks to provide women with the tools and resources needed to be effective, efficient, 
knowledgeable leaders. To that end, the following resources focus on ministry needs of women, changing the way women understand Women's Ministries and introducing innovative
and creative ways to encourage every woman to be a Woman IN Ministry.

Please be aware that many of these resources and links are non-Adventist; and the views, opinions, and advice are not endorsed by the New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists nor the NYC Women's Ministries Department. 

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