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2016 Women's Ministry Theme

YOU are a Woman of Worth!
Yes! YOU!!!!

We know.... you can think of at least three people who would disagree, right? 
It's a story, a condition we know well!

The struggle to see value, beauty, worth is epic. Satan knows he simply has to get us believing that there is nothing of value in us. He knows if we fall into that trap, he has us! And what an easy trap it is! Family, friends, significant others, co-workers, schoolmates, media, clothing stores, church members all remind us that we are not living up to the 'beauty' branded as desireable.  


The spectacular news is - the messages that people, the media, situations, our own brain tells us? They don't mean a thing to God.
The Creator of the universe, the One who stooped down and gathered earth with His bare hands to form humans IN HIS IMAGE, your Father-God (Abba) calls you HIS. You are known, adopted, redeemed, loved, and cherished by the only ONE who has YOUR name carved permanently in the palm of HIS hand. 

That makes YOU a Woman of {great} Worth! WOW!!!


{can't figure out where that came from? Head here to read And God Said, "Ta-da!"}

We cannot minister effectively to those Abba places on our path without first having a heart-deep understanding of who God is and who He says we are. 

Discipleship is not about preaching the gospel from a head knowledge. Anyone can read the Bible and speak about it! Even Satan and his angels know scripture. 

We can only pour out our passion and love to others from a full vessel of God's love. Nothing on this planet will do as a substitute! 


The 2017 ministry focus is:
WOW!  Women of Worth in Jesus 

We will be: 

  • Talking and studying about and accepting who God says we are. 


  • Discovering how to translate that knowledge into opportunities to reach out to the women we encounter in meaningful, vulnerable, real ways.


  • Praying FERVENTLY for the courage, strength, and wisdom to live out God's love in our families, communities, work places, and churches.

We are so excited about this theme! Abba has already done amazing things at the theme roll-out during campmeeting, and we can't wait to see what this year will bring! 


And God Said 'Ta-da!'
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