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Sexuality & Reproductive Issues

Live a porn-free life. 

Internet accountability and resources. 

Support groups, advocacy, and resources for issues surrounding infertility. 

A community for anyone who experiences the tragic death of a baby.  Our services include bedside companions, phone, face-to-face, oneline support

training for caregivers, and so much more.


Accountability app.

Online counseling, coaching, and
recovery tracking in community. 

Dedicated to restoring individuals and married couples hurt by sexual addiction, sexual trauma, unfaithfulness and pornography and prevention & protection for families. Resources for men & women, families, couples, and church leaders. 

We take people out of the isolation caused by trauma and sin, and help them find the path and the process to a right relationship with God.  Resources include christian counseling network, daily devotion, radio, & workshops.

Links and resources on this page will direct you to sites not affiliated with or endorsed by the  New York Conference Women's Ministries Department. 

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