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Grieving is typically thought of as something done when a person loses a loved one. However, loss embodies so much more: loss of-singlehood, job, dreams, position, community, health, innocence, relationships, etc. The grieving process for these losses are all similar in the steps to grieving and recovery. It is important for us to recognize our own areas needing grief work, and validating and supporting others as they grieve. What is painful and sad to a friend may mean nothing to you. However, being Abba's hands and feet means learning how to reach out and validate each persons journey. 

We pray these resources will help you not only with any grief issues you might be working through but also know how to support others who are grieving. Some of the resources are not Adventist publications so please adjust accordingly.

Please be aware that many of these resources and links are non-Adventist; and the views, opinions, and advice are not endorsed by the New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists nor the NYC Women's Ministries Department. 

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