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Women's Ministries Focus

There are six area of focus that impact women around world. 


The World Health Organization reports: “Physical or sexual violence is a public health problem that affects more than one third of all women globally.” (World Health Organization, Geneva. 2013)


Poor health blights all aspects of a woman’s life and undermines her ability to be a fully productive participant in God’s work. Globally, women face many threats to health, such as social inequalities, economic deprivation, poor nutrition, inadequate housing, disability-related discrimination and political instability.


The ability to read and write is vital, bringing access to a world of knowledge and information crucial to escape the cycle of poverty. These are basic life skills that every woman should have access to. Yet many women around the world remain illiterate. This handicap affects women much more than men. Nearly two thirds of the world’s 757 million illiterate adults are women. (UIS Fact Sheet, September 2015, No. 32)


Poverty is a global problem. However, due to compounding issues, such as gender discrimination, poverty places a disproportionate burden on women, affecting every aspect of their lives.


Despite societal development, equality advancements, and improved working rights, opportunities for women to lead and progress are still limited in most countries. Major obstacles women face in countries in the grip of poverty are limited educational opportunities and lack of training.


Women from all cultures around the world experience the challenge of excessive workload. This has negative implications for their physical, emotional, spiritual, social, relational, and economic well being. Prevailing issues such as equal opportunity challenges, political and economic transitions, strict social and cultural norms and the slow process of change makes progress difficult.

Visit the General Conference Women's Ministries Website to learn more and download brochures

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