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Why Do We Need Women's Ministries?

At a time when schedules are overfilled, families are incorporating care of aging parents into what 'normal' looks like, and seemingly endless distractions abound it is not surprising to ask 'why another ministry?'

Look for a moment at your life. What areas are stressful? What things do you talk to friends about? How do you cope when life becomes overwhelming? How does God factor into all the ups and downs you face?

You are not alone in your struggles, frustrations, and fears. Every woman has her own story, her own pain and joy. The person bagging your groceries, handing you your paycheck, sitting the next pew over in church all have needs, concerns, and worries.

Jesus' ministry on earth focused on meeting peoples needs. He walked out into humanity choosing to mingle with the sick, hurting, sinful, and needy people. He didn't concern himself with lineage, money, influence, or fame. He looked at each person and saw them as His Abba Father saw them. Children needing help and hope in an increasingly unsettled and sinful world.

As daughters of Abba, we have the same ministry that Jesus had. We must reach beyond our comfort zones, become vulnerable, develop relationships that are real and meaningful, meet the needs of women around us. What that ministry looks like will vary from person to person. But no matter what your ministry looks like, know that you are providing hope, empowering women to walk through another day, and honoring your Abba. You might be surprised to discover that as you reach out to others, your blessings will increase as well!

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