Women's Ministries in the New York Conference

Local church Women's Ministries Leaders are a vital part of the team. Dedicated, Godly women are needed to facilitate and lead out in Women's Ministries evangelism in every church. It is our goal to see that each church in the conference has the opportunity to start a thriving meaningful Women's Ministries program.

District Women's Ministries Coordinators serve to bring together the church Women's Ministries leaders in each district. They will have access to resources and information to support each church WM leader and will assist in organizing district events.

The Conference Women's Ministries Directors provide support, education, training, resources, and prayer to Women's Ministries leaders and coordinators. While they cannot be at every church for every event, you are encouraged to contact them for ideas, prayer, and speaking requests.

Keep visiting the website for updated event information, new resources, and quarterly newsletters. 

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