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Family Life

Being a mother is challenging, frazzling, stressful, tiring, lonely, exciting, empowering, awe-inspiring, (insert your word here!). In short, what it feels like to be a mother changes daily. Mothers need support. A shoulder to cry on when the end of the rope is in sight, a hand to hold as the impossible overwhelms, a safe place to just be real without fear of judgment - bad hair, dirty laundry, undone dishes and all!

The following resources can be used in many ways to encourage and uplift mothers. Keep in mind that many of them are not from Adventist authors. Please adjust accordingly!

Please be aware that many of these resources and links are non-Adventist; and the views, opinions, and advice are not endorsed by the New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists nor the NYC Women's Ministries Department. 

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