Women {in} Ministry


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Historically, Women's Ministry has been an in-reach program, focused on providing programs and events for those within the church; with a goal of offering meetings that nurture relationship and meet the social, emotional, and spiritual needs unique to women. 

In the diverse and hectic life-style of modern women, there is still need for meaningful relationship building; however, work, family, health, and social needs often claim our full attention, and little energy is left for intentional relationship nurturing. 

Women {in} Ministry represents a focus shift from doing programs to offering tools, support, and ideas to women walking through their everyday: encountering the people God has purposely placed in their path, nurturing intentional, vulnerable, open, grace-filled relationships, and growing a living faith. 

Jesus' ministry on earth is our model. He walked out into the everyday of people...those needing healing, feeding, nurturing, affirmation, and assurance that God cared for them. He chose to step out of the traditional Jewish church 'ministry' of rules and regulations and reach out to the hurting masses seeking blessing, purpose, and hope. 

Those touched by Jesus' ministry were often told to 'go home' - go back to the towns and villages where they lived - sharing their story,  telling of their experiences so that the hope and blessing could continue  to spread.


It is our prayer and purpose to be Women in Ministry. Nurturing intentional, safe, vulnerable, real relationships of sharing and growing and loving. Knowing that, just like Jesus, those touched with Abba's love will walk out into their own journeys equipped to nurture and love the people they encounter.  


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